Experimental version!
This datafield may require a small fee for development and hosting in the feature
Until then I would like to receive a donation PayPal

Modify your ID in this box for saving and displaying your latest conversion (ideal for use on your smartphone)

Convert your GPX file, please limit the points to real turns because the app calculates and displays the distance to next point!
A nice tool for creation gpx files, set automatic planning to 'off'

Contact form please mention this conversionId for support: bb1154c3-7463-4232-8317-d7579608e862
Link to the Turn-by-turn app

Default conversion is to max 120 points
Check for reducing to 160 points (may chrash the application due memory limits)
Check for reducing to 200 points (may chrash the application due memory limits)

Select / Copy / Paste the line below into your Garmin Connect Mobile app on your phone in the Track settings of the 'Turn-by-turn Datafield'

Old way

- auto reduce to 120 points
- compressed the converted line
- loading gpx files version 1.0 (from gpsvisualizer.com)
- loading Error new file if previous file failed
- generate new Id for every new upload

- display and import your garmin or strava tracks